About Black Onyx

Integrated Psychiatry located in Orange, South San Francisco, Los Angeles and San Diego, CA

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About Black Onyx

Adults seeking comprehensive and compassionate mental health care need look no further than Black Onyx in Orange and South San Francisco, California. Their psychiatric-mental health nurse practitioners, Peter Pham, PMHNP-BC, and Diana Bush, PMHNP-BC, focus on giving each person the individualized attention and care they deserve as they work through life challenges and overcome mental health disorders.

The Black Onyx team makes mental health care easy to obtain, offering in-office care and telemedicine. They’re also personally accessible, providing hands-on care that includes texting with patients needing intervention.

With a dedication to holistic care, the team practices integrative psychology. They treat all the facets of a patient’s life — physical, mental, emotional, behavioral, social, and environmental — contributing to their struggles. As part of their integrative psychiatry practice, the team offers services not typically found at a mental health practice, such as weight management.

The all-inclusive services at Black Onyx include psychological assessments, medication management, and psychotherapy tailored to meet each person’s needs. The team treats the full scope of mental health disorders, ranging from anxiety and depression to bipolar disorder and post-traumatic disorder (PTSD).

Peter and Diana specialize in attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder in adults, providing medication, therapy, and support that improves each person’s ability to succeed on the job, at home, and in their relationships.

Adults needing person-centered mental health care from a team of experienced and skilled providers should connect with the team at Black Onyx. Call or use the online booking feature to learn more about the services they provide.